Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Here we are it's Christmas!
I love Christmas and always will.
A winter festival whether it be Christmas or any other is a great idea as it literally lights up the winter and gives everyone a cause for celebration.
It is a time of year when people think of friends, family, people and animals and try in some small way to do nice things for them.
I will start cooking dinner soon. I have been out walking Ollie and the sun has been trying to come out.
I like the fact that people go out of their way to say Happy Christmas and they may well be the same people who don't usually say anything as you walk past. Christmas is a hopeful and thoughtful time. It makes me think of everyone who is having fun with their friends and families and it makes me think of those who are not.
I hope people that are having a difficult time this Christmas find a way to make their lives more pleasurable in the future and that they enjoy next Christmas far more.
I think Christmas and New Year's Eve serve as markers for us to measure progress when we are trying to achieve goals and dreams. I love this time of the year!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Eve

I love Christmas Eve. Children all over the land are almost too excited to go to sleep while their parents wait for them to finally nod off. In the morning (usually at silly o'clock) the children burst into their parents rooms covered in chocolate from all the chocolate coins and on a sugar mouse rush.
This part of Christmas is magic and I believe it is a reminder to adults that the world is a wonderful place where magical things happen and dreams really do come true if you believe in them enough.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas TV

It is fascinating what people choose to watch as Christmas approaches. As I write this something by Raymond Briggs is on TV. At this time of year celebrities start skating and dancing, Soaps become all dramatic and the News actually finds something cute or sweet to comment on ( sometimes)
We watch old films we have seen hundreds of times and repeats of our favourite shows.
I like the fact we all try to surround ourselves with familiar Musicals and Comedies etc.
 It is the one time of year where lots of family and friends are gathered together and we all need to find things to watch that we are all happy with after we have eaten one two many mince pies and drunk one glass of mulled wine too many.
As Raymond Brigg's Santa just said:
'Happy Bloomin' Christmans to you an' all!'

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Perfect day

I woke up this morning in my caravan. It was cosy in  the caravan last night listening to the wind howling and the rain pelting down. Graham, Ollie and I returned to Canterbury and met up for lunch with Jack. We went to a lovely India restaurant in Canterbury and had a buffet to celebrate my birthday. We also managed to take Ollie out to the fields for a while and by this time the sun had come out and the sky was perfectly blue.
When we returned home Jack gave me the present he and Clarrie had bought me. It was a coffee maker and so I made us all really lovely Costa coffee.
After Graham went home I had a long hot bath and soon I will be watching a film with Jack and enjoying a glass or two of cold cider.
You don't need lots of money to enjoy a perfect day you just need time with those who care about you.
I am very touched by all the gifts, cards and good wishes I have received too. My sister Liz has sent me some beautiful, colourful bunting saying Cathy's caravan which I shall proudly display in my beautiful little caravan.
I am a very lucky person indeed.

Saturday, 21 December 2013


Today is the shortest day with the longest night. My Mum's birthday was today and mine is tomorrow. My Gran (Mum's Mum) has her birthday on the summer Solstice. I have always liked this as in a way it links us three together.
It is good having a birthday around this time of year as everyone else is celebrating Christmas so they are generally in a good mood!
I am looking forward to spending time in my caravan today with Graham and Ollie The Wally.

Friday, 20 December 2013


It is my Mum's birthday tomorrow. It is a special day for me as it is a day when I think of Mum and the unique individual person she was.
A letter arrived today. It was from a school friend of hers that I met once when I was little.
It was great to read about her memories of Mum and the fun they had when they were kids.

I was in a church today with the students from school. They took part in a service especially for them and they sang Silent Night. there is something special about that song. It really gets to me.
I am not a regular church goer and I don't follow any one particular religion but I do appreciate the wonder and awe of our universe and the amazing things that happen when you least expect them to. Life is an adventure filled with twists and turns and above all life is precious.
We all sang together in the church and I must say it made me feel quite emotional.
The Solstice approaches. The shortest day and the longest night.
This time is a time for reflection and thinking about family.
I love this time of year and I love my family.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

What an incredible few months!

I am so glad that I took the plunge and decided to call a halt on my old life and tried something new. I feel like I have taken the first few steps of an exciting journey where everything looks unfamiliar but interesting. I have so much to learn and make a lot of mistakes but there are people around willing and ready to support me and I am slowly but surely making progress.
I am learning about things that I previously knew nothing about and am seeing things in a different way.
I did wonder what it would be like when both my beautiful children moved out and part of me dreaded it.
Now that they have gone- I do miss them but I am so proud that they are spreading their wings and flying and it is great to meet up with them and catch up with what has been going on in their lives and while they are away I am able to focus on building a secure future where I will be able to support them both when they need help as well as support myself completely.
I am very excited and optimistic about what the next year will bring and am appreciative of all the wonderful opportunities that have come my way this year.